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Expectations - Of Players

As a member of the Internationals Soccer Club, our players are representing one of the top girls’ soccer organizations in the country. We expect a great deal of them and take great pride in how they represent the club – on the field, in the classroom and in public. We strongly believe that the game of soccer teaches players more than just the sport, and that discipline, hard work, passion and respect translate to successful young women in the future.

All players are must adhere to, and sign the ISC Code of Conduct.

Academic Standards

ISC members excel on the field and in the classroom and we expect academic success from our players. All players are expected to present their report cards to club directors at the end of every term. All members must maintain all A's and B's in the classroom in order to fully participate in club activities.  If a student is struggling in school, the Club Directors will work with the student and parents to find a solution to get her back on track!

Time Management

Playing soccer at this level (especially for our older girls), requires a significant time commitment. We expect our players to practice good time management so that they are able be successful on the field and in the classroom.
  • Club events must be a top priority
  • Be on time for all events - "if you're early, you're on time; if you're on time, you're late"
  • 30/30: Warm-Up and Cool-Down for games
  • Plan ahead and study ahead of time 
  • Develop and commit to a schedule in order to balance rest, work, and play

Adhere to mobile device policy & social media policy

Mobile devices are not be used during any team events including training, pre-game, game, post-game, team meetings, team meals or team functions.

Our members are representing their club at all times, including on social media outlets.  Our code of conduct policy for players includes/covers actions taken, thoughts expressed and language used on social media outlets.  Your online reputation is just as important, if not more so, than your "in person" reputation... do what it takes to protect both!

Adhere to attendance and uniform policy

The club has very strict guidelines when it comes to "how we wear our gear" and attending required events. Refer to the uniform policy and attendance policy.

Communicate problems, injuries, concerns with coaches

It is your responsibility, as a player, to communicate with us and to know what is expected of you. Ignorance is no excuse – especially for our players U13 and above. Let us know in advance of conflicts, problems and injuries and concerns. We are able to help you better if we have full understanding of the situation.

Be prepared prior to games and practice

Proper nutrition, focus and rest are essential to success during events. We spend a great deal of time discussing these habits with players and it is their responsibility to be prepared prior to games and practices. We also expect players to come ready to compete to all events.

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