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Development - Leadership

2012 – Letter from a U12 Parent to club directors after recently relocating to a different state:

"I just wanted to update you on Maddie. When we chose Internationals as a club for her, we had no doubts about what we were doing, we knew it was the best club and she was at the best place for what she wanted out of soccer. Starting over again 3 years later is a little different scenario.

The impression that both of you have had on her for 3 years has served her well. Watching the girls at practice you can see how well Maddie has been trained and her level of maturity with the game.  We have received numerous compliments from coaches that work with them about her talent and are looking for Maddie to take a leadership role with the team, as they believe her teammates would respond well to her. So, right now we believe we are in a good place for her soccer future but will never forget where she came from. Maddie misses her teammates and coaches immensely but she also knows that she is in this position because of them and she takes comfort with that. If either of you have any words of wisdom for her, especially in regards to becoming more of a leader with this team, she would welcome it.

Jim and I need to thank both of you for what you have given to Maddie. We know that she does all the work but the respect and ethics come from you and while she only had a short period of time to learn from you, it will remain with her always."

Respect - Exposure - Impact

2011 – Letter from a U16 Parent during the college recruiting process:

“Zdravko, Keri - just wanted to give you both a little feedback... now that [we] have been getting more interaction with college coaches, I have been pleased with how well known and respected both of you are, and with how highly the Internationals girls are viewed in regards to their skills and understanding of the game.  Its as if the coaches are saying ‘oh, its an Internationals girl so we know they are well trained and disciplined and as a result, they would be a good fit to our program.’  I've overheard on more than one occasion a coach say to another coach ‘I would love to get any one of these girls’ on their college team.  This has been a very interesting and positive phenomenon to see from my perspective.  I thought you would like to hear my observations at this point in the journey.”

2005 – Letter from a U17 Parent:

“Zdravko: As a mother, I would like to sincerely thank you for all you have done for [my daughter].  Your advice to us on how to choose a college and her exposure has given her the exact academic, location, and soccer experience that she had asked for. Also her experience on the U17 team has not only been great for her but as one mother who was so tired of soccer politics it has been refreshing to deal with the entire Internationals family.  My only regret is that we didn't do this 4 years ago, but the coaching she has had in this past year certainly has far surpassed any she has had.  I am amazed at the difference in a short year, not only has her play improved but psychologically she has really been able to focus, make decisions, and understand not only soccer but people in general.  Thank you again, you have one mother who may only have been an Internationals mom for a year but will be one forever.”


2010 – Letter from a U18 player after entering college:

“I have been through my fair share of premier teams that were supposed to prepare me for my first year in college. However, playing for the Internationals has prepared me more than I could ever wish for. This club demonstrates exactly how a college team is organized. College coaches look for soccer players who are disciplined and respectful. They look for players who can fit in with a ‘family’ because in college your team is one of the only things you have. And most important they look for players who can follow their school’s tradition because lets face it you’ll be taking the place of a graduated senior who had the respect, discipline, and family that you are coming into. I can say that the Internationals is the only club in Northern Ohio that physically and mentally can prepare you for that next level. "

The Big  Picture 

2009 – Letter from a U13 parent a short time after joining the club:

“I want to thank you for what you have done and are going to do for development of Internationals girls and popularization of women's soccer in the US.  I appreciate what you are doing for my daughter.  I would like you to know that we have complete trust in you. We understand that [our daughter] has been behind other girls on the team according to skill level, physical abilities, and understanding of the game. However, she is willing to work hard to deserve her spot on the field. If she is not good enough to be on the team roster for this spring please feel free to leave her off. We will respect your choice. Your decision will not affect our loyalty to you and your club."

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