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Expectations - Of Parents

Our parents are our second biggest asset after our players.  They “lend” us the most valuable thing in their life and contribute greatly to the success of Internationals Soccer Club.  Our club is constantly growing and our parents are the heart of our continued success.  With a good relationship between both the parents and the Internationals, our club will continue to be very successful.

Our parents represent our club as much as the players and coaches, and we ask all parents to adhere to the ISC Code of Conduct. This helps set a positive example for your child and creates a positive reputation for the club.

Support your child

You are a great influence on your child and are responsible for the type of energy you bring to the environment.  Throughout the year, your child will have ups and downs, injuries, illnesses which will test us all.  Please do not baby them or criticize them or the club.

  • Support all the players.
  • Be consistent and positive.
  • Encourage your daughter.
  • Ask her how she feels.
  • Be there for her.
  • Be an ISC ambassador – speak positively about the club to others.
  • Volunteer – Our parents spend thousands of hours each year supporting the club.  There are many opportunities to help that benefit the club and your daughter.

Sideline Behavior

Our games are played at the highest level and are very exciting to watch.  However, sometimes the intensity brings out the less positive side of the sport.  It is important that you as a parent practice good sideline behavior.  Remember you are also representing the club, and are expected to serve as a POSITIVE role model for your daughter.

  • Coaching from the sidelines will not be tolerated.  You have entrusted your daughter to us and advice you give from the sidelines may go against what we have told her to do.
  • Referee abuse will not be tolerated.  Let us be concerned with the officiating.
  • Let the referees ref, coaches coach and players play.

General requirements

  • Do not approach coaches at games, tournaments, practices.
  • Do not approach managers for anything related to rosters, playing time, etc.
  • Get players to events on time.
  • Communicate conflicts or other important information to us in a timely manner.  We recognize that not all conflicts are planned so refer to the game/practice policy for guidelines on reporting conflicts.
  • Adhere to deadlines/due dates.
  • Pay fees on time.
  • Support the Club.
  • Make sure your child attends practice.  If they do not attend practice, they will not improve.  Practice is a very important part in the development of the player and they are required to attend.

Playing time

Please understand Internationals Soccer Club does not guarantee equal playing time.  Premier soccer is very competitive.  Each player has to earn the right to play.  High maintenance parents are not welcome and are not tolerated in this club.  We, as a club, need to support all the players.

Taking time off

Any player that wishes to take off a season will do so at the risk of losing his/her roster spot.  There is no guarantee that the roster spot will be available when, or if, you decide to return.  Our commitment is to those who are playing for the Internationals.

Leaving the club

During our continued growth, individuals will feel the need to leave our club for various reasons.  Again, we ask that you communicate openly and we will be glad to help in the transition in any way we can.  Please remember that you are moving on, it does not mean that you need to lose the friendships that you have gained.  If your child leaves a better player than when they came, we as a club have been successful in the development of the player.


In determining rosters, it is the discretion of the Director of Soccer and its coaches.  Please understand that this program is about developing your child to the best of their abilities in order for them to reach their full potential.  Parents are not to interfere with this process. 

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